: - Minggu, 05-02-2023
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Peraih prestasi :
Medali Emas untuk SMA Al-Islam Krian
Deasy Rizky Masruroh, a student from XI IPS 04 of SMA Al-Islam Krian won a gold medal in the News Sociology Olympiad 2 Competition, which was initiated by Indonesia Student News on Sunday, June 27th, 2021. 
Deasy has gave her best in this online national competition.
She managed to outperform 500 other participants throughout Indonesia. 
The News Sociology Olympiad is a special olympiad for sociology subjects organized by News Students as one of the national-class olympiad organizing institutions. News Students are here with a mission as a provider of creativity and innovation to create a superior generation in line with the Pancasila Student Profile. We believe that hard working will never be in vain. SMALISKA, The First and The Best!